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Broken capillaries or couperose

Couperose is a chronic skin condition caused by the weakening of the blood vessels. Characteristic symptom of cuperosis is the appearance of small dilated capillaries- kind of spider web mostly on the cheekbones, nose, and chin.

There are certain factors that favor their appearance: abrupt environmental factors such as sunburn, windburn and extreme temperatures, repeated skin trauma from aggressive scrubbing, exfoliating, and pimple-popping, stress, consumption of corticosteroids, tobacco or alcohol.

The best treatments of the cuperosis:

1. Laser: The medical treatment goes through the application of pulsed bleaching laser, which stands out for being the definitive treatment since the treated blood vessel never reappears.

2. Skin care : While you won't see the same degree of results as with a laser, natural solutions can be quite effective. Choose your skin care with:

- vitamin E, grape seed extract, arnica to reduce the appearance of dilated capillaries and to keep new ones from popping up.

- apricot and palmarosa to fight inflammation, improve microcirculation and strengthen fragile capillary walls.

- chamomile, neroli, rose and carrot seed oils to heal and reinforce weakened capillaries.

My favorite beauty collection for sensitive skin with couperose is here:

3. Ginkgo Biloba tea: Many herbs contain flavonoids, which strengthen capillary walls and assist the overall circulation of blood throughout the body and brain. Flavonoids reduce permeability and promote elasticity of capillaries and blood vessels and attack cell-destroying free radicals in the system. Herbs containing large concentrations of flavonoids include ginkgo biloba, bilberry, calendula, german chamomile, and hawthorn.

4.Vitamins and minerals: Add more vitamin E and C, magnezium and zinc that helps to maintain vein health.

5. Water: Adding more water to your diet helps to reduce constipation, which can increase pressure on your veins.

However, to prevent its occurrence there is no doubt that the most important thing is prevention. My advice how to prevent cuperosis would be:

- Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

- Avoid using toners with alcohol and facial soaps.

- Moisturizes your skin well, using combinations of substances that protect the skin.

- Always use sunscreen, even in winter.

Take care!

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