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Dark patches on your skin... hyperpigmentation...and why you should be aware of it...

We all know that sunlight makes our skin darker. It’s an inflammatory response - pigmentation. When the skin pigments cannot be regenerated, darker pigments get generated over the damaged area.

Any kind of skin disease like acne or eczema can also be a factor behind hyperpigmentation. There are many medicines, which might show hyperpigmentation as a side effect. Topical retinoids, antibiotics, anti-seizure drugs, hormone medication, non-steroidal drugs as well as chemotherapeutic drugs can lead to hyperpigmentation.

And how to treat hyperpigmentation on the skin?

1. Stop or cut back on using scented cosmetics, toiletries and soaps. For some people, scented products can trigger a phototoxic reaction that may cause hyperpigmentation or make dark spots worse. Reach for an organic skin care.

2. Apply SPF 30 SUNSCREEN TO YOUR SKIN EVERY DAY, and stay in the shade whenever possible.

3. Apply the juice of one lemon to your discolored skin twice daily with a cotton pad. Lemon juice is acidic enough to remove the top layer of discolored skin. With continued use, results should be apparent within six to eight weeks.

4.Eat plenty of vitamin C-enriched foods, such as broccoli and citrus fruits. Vitamin C is essential for your skin as it fights the free radicals responsible for skin discoloration. Vitamin C also aides with tissue repair, helping your skin to heal properly from the inside out.

5. Antioxidants can prevent sun damage and other signs of aging, making vitamin E a useful ingredient in skin care products and anti-aging creams. Vitamin E is thought to help improve skin health and fade skin discoloration because it is essential for the processing of vitamin A.

6. Drink a daily tea made from burdock, red clover or milk thistle to cleanse the blood stream and help remove skin discoloration. These herbs are antioxidants responsible for cleaning your body of environmental toxins.

Everything is connected. Think what you are doing, eating and applying on your skin. Be gentle to yourself and to your skin too.

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