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First step in home care or how to remove make-up the right way.

Removing your make-up every night is a skin care necessity. The process of taking off your make-up should be gentle and should never leave your skin dehydrated or irritated. Wipes, micellar watter or cleansing gel? NO!!!

You want to remove make-up and not to irritate your skin before bed. If you’ve ever washed your face with a standard bar of soap, you’ll know that surfactants can be skin irritants! Surfactants are the most important ingredients in soap, shampoo, detergents and that sort of thing. The same type of surfactant - sodium laurenth sulfate (SLS) is in your wipes, micellar waters and cleansing gels. Avoid them if you don’t want flaky, itchy and dull skin.

You need a cleansing milk or oil to remove your make-up the right way. This will also protect your skin, reduce redness and irritation. Feel how soft and smooth is your skin after.

Coconut oil is cheaper than cleansing milk, oil or store-bought makeup remover and it works very well whereas it smells like a tropical vacation.

The best products to use are:

Neal’s Yard Organic Eye Make Up Remover

Neal’s Yard Calendula Cleanser

Neal’s Yard Soothing Starflower Cleansing Milk

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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